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Is There a Biblical No Man’s Land? (Part 1) How Silence Is Confused in Matters of Option and Implication

In Video by George Beals

Event: Polishing The Pulpit 2019 Year: 2019 Speaker: George Beals Description: George has written a book called How Implication Binds and Silence Forbids. Some think that God has left many grey areas or biblical “no man’s lands” where man lacks wisdom. Some confuse silence with God not condemning. Some confuse silence with liberty in matters of option. Some confuse silence …

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A Disciple like the Master (Part 1): Adopting the Habits of Jesus

In Video by Gary Massey

Event: Polishing The Pulpit 2019 Year: 2019 Speaker: Gary Massey Description: This series will examine spiritual disciplines that Jesus displayed in his earthly life with a strong admonition for his followers to do the same. Session 1: Jesus’ Prayer Life. This lesson will examine the descriptions of the prayer life of Jesus with special emphasis on his private prayers. A …