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Young Women: More Than Future Elders’, Deacons’, and Preachers’ Wives – But That Too!

In Audio by Neal Pollard

Speaker: Neal Pollard Description: Cultural confusion over gender-specific roles and poor communication frequently combine in mutually offensive statements concerning the role of women, especially young women, in the Lord’s church. The Lord disapproves of deviations from his will regarding gender assignments in congregations of His people (1 Timothy 2:1-15). However, unintentional suggestions that seemingly restrict the value of women to …

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Seven Minutes of Wisdom on Health

In Audio by PTP Panel

Speaker: PTP Panel Description: Todd Clippard – I Know I Need to Exercise, but I Don’t Know How to Start David Courington – How I Lost Weight Neal Pollard – How Do I Get My Family Involved in Fitness? Maurice Williams – Should I Take Supplements – Do They Really Work? Maurice Williams – Quick and Easy Meals for the …