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He is not here; but is risen!: The Burial and Resurrection of Jesus

In Audio by Rick Brumback

For two millennia determining the location of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial has been a subject of curiosity and investigation. While attention is given to the possible sites for these events, this also serves as a powerful backdrop for discussing the true level of interest appropriate for identifying these sites—in contrast to the adoration of sites and relics that borders on …

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A Message from Megiddo: A Battlefield for the Ages

In Audio by John Moore

Over the past 4000 years, no less than 34 bloody conflicts have occurred either at Megiddo or in the rich fertile fields of the Jezreel Valley below. Individuals like Joshua, Solomon, Deborah, Josiah, Nebuchadnezzar, and even the 18th-century Napoleon Bonaparte all saw this area as an important military objective. How do those battles relate to the battle of Armageddon mentioned …